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Discover the video To Les Pins Penchés at the Grand Hôtel, a family story
Discover the video To Les Pins Penchés at the Grand Hôtel, a family story

A castle by the sea
for a magical marriage

By organizing your wedding in the castle of the Clapière of the Pins Penches, you sign in to the history of a building that has always attracted the interest of notable people.
Due to its excellent location overlooking the Mediterranean, you will enjoy a breathtaking sea view of beauty and serenity.
The magnificent castle is at the top of a magnificent garden where more than 60 varieties of palm trees cohabit. Immerse yourself in a magical plant decoration able to make your wedding a unique and magical day.

True reference for the luxury wedding organization in the VarLes Pins Penchés is at your disposal to give you a wedding by the sea who suit to you.

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Have your wedding in a 17th century castl

You dream to get married in a castle with a panoramic sea view panoramique ? The team of the Pins Penches will meet those dreams.
Conveniently located in Toulon between Marseille and Nice the restaurant Les Pins Penchés can organize the wedding of any prince and princess in the castle Clapière constructed in the 17th century.

Your wedding dress is magic in this exceptional property where you can stroll through the aisles of the grove while enjoying panoramic and spectacular sea views.
Lulled by the sounds and colors of Provence you will feel for sure the extra soul that emerges from this extraordinary place.

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