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Discover the video To Les Pins Penchés at the Grand Hôtel, a family story
Discover the video To Les Pins Penchés at the Grand Hôtel, a family story

Discover our wedding video at Les Pins Penchés

Choosing a location for a wedding reception

The choice of the reception location is decisive in the organisation of the wedding. It kicks off the preparations after months of reflection and accumulation of ideas. Knowing the location will help to clarify several points. For example, it will allow you to visualise the decor for the D-day . Therefore, you should not skimp on your research and only stop if it completely fulfils your expectations.

How to get there? Just ask the right questions and follow these three steps.

Step 1: Get started as soon as possible via the internet and book the date at least 18 months in advance.

The Internet is the best weapon you have to quickly find a reception location. There are many directories of rooms available free of charge on which you will find your happiness. (see the card of the leaning pines on 1001 rooms).

Cela va des lieux de mariage originale These range from original wedding venues such as castles to more classical ones, large open-air reception rooms or in a restaurant that can be privatised.

Attention, il faudra vous y prendre le plus tôt possible, car les bons lieux se réservent souvent 18 mois à l’avance. Il serait fâcheux de se tourner vers un second ou un troisième choix juste à cause d’un retard de quelques semaines de réflexion.

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Selection criteria to be taken into account

Always start with know the number of guests. This will allow you to base your search on a place with the capacity to accommodate all your guests. For a seated meal, think of at least 1 square metre per person. The dance floor, since you always need one, should be able to provide half a square metre (0.5 m²) per person based on 2/3 of the number of guests..

Then choose a region that interests you. The more specific you are, the fewer choices you will have, but be aware that this is the best way to refine your search. Think about the type of place that suits you: a place in the middle of the countryside, in the vineyards or at the seaside as in Toulon, Cap Brun.

Then ask if the venue offers a wedding-catering service. Sometimes the choice of caterer is imposed, so you will have to make do with or find an open location.
Never hesitate to ask what other services are imposed (DJ, musical entertainment, etc.).

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Request a quote for the selected estates and castles

Once you have selected the places you liked, it is time to ask for the rates.

Don't waste too much time thinking. If a place is likely to meet your expectations, go for it. Ask for an estimate at no cost. Don't forget to describe your needs in order to receive a personalised quote.

Weighing the pros and cons of each proposal

Each quotation is a commercial proposal that you will have to dissect. Read it through and take note of the advantages and disadvantages it offers.

First take a look at the rental times. See if the owners or managers of the premises allow the decorations to be installed the day before. Find out until what time the room will be available on the day and if there are any extra charges if the hours are exceeded. Make sure that there is no curfew for dancing.

Demandez si le mobilier (chaises et tables) ainsi que les couverts seront compris dans le tarif proposé. Certains lieux offrent également des hébergements ou propose un hotel pour recevoir un mariage au cas où les festivités dureraient. Vous devrez alors connaître le nombre de chambres disponibles. Normalement, une chambre vous sera allouée par l’établissement afin que vous puissiez mettre vos affaires.

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