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Discover the video To Les Pins Penchés at the Grand Hôtel, a family story
Discover the video To Les Pins Penchés at the Grand Hôtel, a family story

Top 5 original weddings

Your dream wedding is unlike any other. Once you have recovered from your Jules' proposal, you need to think about organising the event that will change your life forever. And since you prefer to live an unforgettable moment, organize this event with originality. Here are 5 ideas for an extraordinary wedding.

Un mariage dans un château

Some may say it's a cliché, but you'll know how to throw your guests a party fit for royalty. Getting married in a castle, It's also about experiencing the life of a princess for a day.

You will be the queen of the ball and all the attention will be on you. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to organisation.

You can have the ceremony in the castle or in the park, the choice is yours. You can also choose the theme and decoration of your party as you wish: classic, original or even offbeat. In any case, the Pins Penchés sites offer you grandiose buildings to make your dream come true.

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A wedding on a train

Are you a train travel enthusiast? You can say yes to each other on a train, and even on a moving train! Get on board the vehicle of love and exchange your vows in a friendly atmosphere.

As you travel through towns, villages, forests, etc., you will share a piece of the railway with your other half and your guests. To welcome this exceptional event, the train will be dressed up. Bouquets of flowers, ribbons and balloons, everything is good to please the bride and groom. The reception could take place in the restaurant car, also decorated for the occasion. On the menu: fine food and quality wine.

Everyone has their own idea of an original wedding in the Var. The important thing is to know how to express your identity and your passion through the decor, the entertainment, the dress and above all the atmosphere. These few ideas may help you to organise the ideal wedding!

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A wedding on the beach

An infinitely romantic beach ceremony is always moving. The turquoise sea, golden sand and palm trees create a postcard setting to delight the bride and groom and their guests.

Les Pins Penchés offers several establishments by the sea or overlooking the sea for a breathtaking view. At the Château de la Clapière, you'll find a perfect setting. For photos, take a pose in the alleys of the palm grove, by the sea and with your feet in the water. With the help of a professional photographer, you will capture magical moments. In such a setting, happiness will be the order of the day.

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A wedding in a park

Why not get married in a park? Nature lovers will surely choose this option to be as close to nature as possible on their big day.

In the heart of a nature park, you will disturb the peace and quiet of the animals for a few hours.

Whether it is a public or private park, you are sure to catch the eye of your guests who will be amazed by the green setting you have in store for them. For the reception, you can set up a marquee to celebrate freely. There's nothing more beautiful than getting married in a place you love.

Better still, Les Pins Penchés has a private wooded park with a superb collection of palm trees, so why combine wedding chateau, seaside wedding and park wedding for the perfect original wedding

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A colourful wedding

Tired of having to impose a theme on your guests? Opt for the colour theme to create a festival of shades during your wedding. No more black and white, pink and blue, etc.

Each guest will wear the clothes they want and the colour they like. By opting for this theme, you are sure to get some fantastic shots. On the decor side, you can also go wild by mixing up the themes you like. On the ceiling, use ribbons and fabrics to dress up the room. This will be a moment that is sure to stay in the minds of your guests.

The icing on the cake, use elegant face-painting to make up your guests. They will be delighted.

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A movie-themed wedding

A film buff by conviction, your world revolves around the seventh art.

Why not make it your wedding theme? And action ! Choose an iconic location of the cinema to get married.

A movie theatre or film location will do very well. Then, express your passion through the decoration. Cameras, tapes, shutters, etc. are all yours. You can even dress up as Marylin Monroe or Grace Kelly for the occasion. The possibilities are endless when it comes to being original.

Invite movie posters and elements reminiscent of your passion to the decor. Your wedding itself will become a Hollywood movie.

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