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Discover the video To Les Pins Penchés at the Grand Hôtel, a family story
Discover the video To Les Pins Penchés at the Grand Hôtel, a family story

Castle Clapière
a place full of history

In 1640 , this virgin land of Cap Brun, then in the hands of Toulon nobles, seen rising Castle Clapière. After the French revolution, it changed hands several times (high French bourgeoisie to the English aristocracy). In 2000, Sandrine and Stéphane Lelièvre took over Clapière, then in ruins and wasteland, resumed shine.

Today, in each of the dining rooms of the gourmet restaurant or in our spaces for large receptions you can feel the rich history of these places as giving more soul to your time with us.

At Castle Clapière the relay will pass before your eyes between the past , present and the future : a moment out of time.

A sublime Garden
overlooking the sea

The Pins Penches Park is a green area facing the sea with more than 280 varieties of palm trees, aromatic plants and many of the most beautiful species of Mediterranean flora.

At the mercy of alleys, you will see the posters and familiarize you with an amazing plant world. You will discover the small greenhouses canopies old when the most fragile species to home. You will also notice the many art objects "between Sea and Garden" scattered in the park.

The Pins Penchés park awaken your senses:
- The view, of course, by the beauty of the landscape.
- Smell, with that mesmerizing blend of fragrances of trees and plants on an iodized sea air base.
- The hearing, with the singing of birds or cicadas, coupled with the sound of waves.
- The taste, since we regularly use our garden and our herb garden to make our dishes.
But the Pins Penchés park can not be told, he was.

The palms, the natural jewels
All present in the Pins Penches Park

Since 2000, Stephane Lelievre, as a huge botanical fan has created one of the most outstanding collections of palms in europe.

Thus, every year , new specimens come to light. Today we are very proud and happy to share it with you.

Designed as a rite of passage , you will discover during your walk in the park , the most beautiful and rarest specimens of palms.

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